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"I can tell you that it has made a huge difference at my school. TipOff has allowed us to know our students better and create a more caring environment, not just for the student but also for his or her friends - it gives them a way to let an adult know that there is a problem without having to talk to someone face to face".


Michelyn Gallant, Vice Principal Saltfleet DSS

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Empowering Students at CDSBEO

OCSB Connects with students via new App

Research has indicated that this form of communication has empowered students and parents by greatly increasing the number of incidents reported, compared to all other reporting vehicles in place. - CDSBEO Press Release October 2013

OCSBconnect is a service that allows Grade 7-12 students to submit anonymous tips on incidents of bullying, student safety, and crime to school staff by phone, text, or mobile app.


This service, which was requested by our students, strives to make our schools safer, and more welcoming by providing students with a tool that allows them to report bullying incidents without putting their own safety at risk.

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