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Testimonials & Reviews

"I can tell you that it has made a huge difference at my school. It has been great working with InTouch and TipOff has allowed us to know our students better and create a more caring environment, not just for the student but also for his or her friends - it gives them a way to let an adult know that there is a problem without having to talk to someone face to face".

- Michelyn Gallant, Vice Principal Saltfleet DSS 


As a student, I can say that it is difficult to report incidents of bullying to parents or teachers.

Now both victims and bystanders can report their incident anonymously without feeling anxious about standing up to the bullying. This is latest step in bullying prevention, and I hope it changes how schools and students handle bullying situations. - Brittany Farr, Dundas


"We have received over 40 legitimate reports in 90 days helping students struggling with harassment/bullying issues. The software has worked great for us, and I'm sure it would be helpful to many other schools." - Craig Chandler- Assistant High School Principal


As a collective executive of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association we are writing this

letter in support of the InTouch Mobile system and the role that it plays in the creation of a safer

and more equitable school environment. We believe that the InTouch mobile software is a revolution in the way that student can communicate issues concerning violence, bullying, discrimination, and equity.

- OSTA/AECO - Letter to Ontario Minister of Education Broten


"I like the fact that it is innovative, that it uses text and social media because we know that kids do. I also like the idea that makes it very easy for them to report it because one of the things we know is kids don't easily tell." - Review by Dr. Faye Mishna on Global National News - Dean & Professor at Univeristy of Toronto and author of Bullying: A Relationship-Based Guide to Assessment, Prevention and Intervention